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Watershed Assessment RFP Bidder Qualification Info
The Prescott Lakes Community Association (PLCA) was designed and constructed with great care, and encompasses more than 1,100 acres with a plan build out of more than 1,800 units in various neighborhoods. The PLCA does not currently have a data/fact based process to determine how best to effectively and economically address water, erosion, and sediment issues within the community.  

The PLCA is requesting information from qualified bidders for an upcoming community wide watershed assessment engineering study.  The requested work will provide a watershed-based system of digital mapping and hydrologic analysis. The official Request for Proposal ("RFP") has been created and will be provided to qualified bidders selected by representatives of the PLCA.

This RFP is for a competitively established firm-fixed price contract—there will be no price negotiations or work requirement negotiations with the award of this contract. The winning Bidder will be selected based on a fair and impartial evaluation of their bid proposal for the work requirements included in the RFP taking cost, Bidder capabilities and other factors into consideration.  Contract award will be executed through a Service Agreement signed by the Prescott Lakes BOD and the winning Bidder.  

Please click here for the Bidder Qualification document
. Deadline for submission on Monday, January 29, 2018. Once completed, please email to cwalton@hoamco.com.